Giacomo Lorenzi: A sure touch

Giacomo Lorenzi is a simple-mannered but straightforward person, who has a special relationship with his job. In fact for him any new creative idea is a challenge, a goal to be achieved, an object to be realized. Typical good qualities of a great artisan master, like manual dexterity and a taste for beauty, determination and experience, are combined in him as one thing, characterizing his daily attitude towards his job and handing down these values from father to his children. The fact that, after thirty-five years of work, he still feels like dirtying his hands is an unmistakable sign of youth, particularly expressed in the works of large dimensions realized for Piero Figuraís and Giovanni Patriniís free and unique minds, to whom is dedicated this selection of functional sculptures and other easily recognizable objects. From Giacomo Lorenziís hands Atena came into being.

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